OWN Your Medical Records…It’s Yours!

  • Safeguarding Your Personal Health Data With Fortified Privacy And State Of The Art Web3 Technologies and Highly Advance BlockChain Encryption.
    OWN Your Personal Medical Records...It's Yours!
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  • The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the central importance of a well-functioning health care system. MyRxWallet ensure affordable, efficient, and equitable access to quality care are at a clear advantage when it comes to mitigating the virus’s destructive power.
    MyRxWallet Deliver Pandemic Readiness Technology
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  • Never before, until now, MyRxWallet has diligently and skillfully develop an All-In-One technology for patients to view all their medical records and providers to directly access it and diagnose and provide treatment plan right from the patients MyRxWallet (EMR).
    Complete All In One EHR/EMR Technology Directly to Patients and Providers
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What We Do

MyRxWallet have work tirelessly to provide patients with real time healthcare informations and provide the patients virtual and secured visit as seamless as possible. No more redundant filling out forms after forms with every new providers, referrals, or labs. Providers login and start their diagnosis instantly.

Physicians and Specialist

With our Web3 technology all your diagnostic and treatment plans will be instantly in your MyRxWallet and automatically updated with all the latest info regarding your doctor's visit.

Diagnostic Service Providers

Unlike before, you will now have all your diagnostics information updated instantly to your MyRxWallet from your visit. See what your doctor's see and so you can ask the smart question.

Payer and Insurance Providers

Having real time information from your health insurance company and knowing what your cover from your diagnostic and treatment plans is game a changing.

What People Say

Upon arrival to my doctor's office, I received a text confirmation, one click and thats it.

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