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MyRxWallet, Inc. “Electronics Personal Health Informations Exchange.”
As the next leader and the standard of excellence for healthcare technology.
MyRxWallet provides the support in every step of your healthcare journey. Being the first to
market technology for Health Informations Wallet holder and exchange provider.
Serving, every healthcare professional and healthcare organizations
in over 193 countries across the globe, our work is endless!

      What a global pandemic has taught us is an unforgettable lesson.
MyRxWallet has made it Our Mission to provide pandemic readiness healthcare
technology infrastructure and the most advance data encryption; and the next
generation Web3 decentralized databank. Storing each individual patient’s
complete health informations. Allowing healthcare organizations to access patient’s
data, diagnosis and provide a treatment plans. Provide same day medication deliveries and
in some cases, same day delivery of medical devices all virtually. MyRxWallet
has integrated the assistance and utilization of Artificial Intelligence, in assisting both patients
and providers managed the patient’s well-being. Simplifying providers free of dependence
of third-party technologies.

      MyRxWallet’s breakthrough technology will enable the ultimate pandemic readiness,
solved rural healthcare services, fixed scattered healthcare information. While reducing
healthcare technology expenses, maximizing healthcare professionals to maximize the
well-being of every patient.